Want to host an #HourOfCode?

CodingSnippetCalling this week “the largest learning event in history,” the folks at code.org have been hard at work designing Hour of Code tutorials and activities designed to introduce K-12 students and teachers to the world of computer science and coding.

Citing statistics that predict that more than 1 million jobs will be computer science-based by 2022, the organizers of this event (which can take place at any time, not just this week) proclaim the imperative need to integrate CS education opportunities into elementary- and secondary-level STEM instruction.

Beyond the economic factors, however, code.org makes it plain that one of the primary ambitions of Hour of Code activities is to democratize and demystify the world of computers for traditionally underserved groups:

The measure of success of this campaign is not in how much CS students learn – the success is reflected in broad participation across gender and ethnic and socioeconomic groups, and the resulting increase in enrollment and participation we see in CS courses at all grade levels.

To which we add our hearty support and agreement. Code on, everybody!

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