Brain Hive in the Classroom: Sub Plans

As a teacher, missing a day of school can be a real headache – sometimes literally. I know that while I was in the classroom, there were days when I woke up with a sore throat or a slight fever with a nagging suspicion that it might be harder for me to stay home and rest – what with the need to complete detailed lesson plans for my substitute – than it would be for me to tough it out and go in to teach. To combat this, administrators at my school suggested that all teachers collect materials to place in a Sub Folder: student rosters, explanations of classroom procedures, and a couple of simple, content-aligned, go-to lesson plans that could be used in a pinch by any substitute. Putting these lessons together in advance put my mind at ease, knowing that even in the most unexpected circumstances, I would never have to worry about leaving my sub in the unenviable position of having to come up with a lesson on the fly.

Do you have a similar, “Sub Folder”-type plan in place for when you find yourself having to leave school unexpectedly? If so, why not integrate Brain Hive into it? Several hundred of the books currently available on Brain Hive come with “eSource” materials. These materials include everything from teaching guides to standards-aligned, grade-level appropriate activities and assignments. Leaving instructions for your substitute to use one of the lessons outlined in these materials is a quick way to make sure that you’ll always have a lesson plan in place when you’re not in the classroom, even if you don’t have the time to put one together directly beforehand. Find Brain Hive titles with eSource materials easily by clicking on the “eSource” box in the Advanced Search tools (see below).


Once you have narrowed your search to find books that fit within your curricular content area and the age range of your students using the filtering tools to the left of your search results, click on a couple of titles that you think will be appropriate for your class. To access the eSource materials for the titles you have chosen, expand the “eSource Downloads” section of the Title Details Page for the title, and click on the document(s) you would like to download and print (see below).

eSource 2

Leave instructions for your sub to display the eBook on Brain Hive using an interactive whiteboard, or have students access the title using laptops or mobile devices. Then, using the eSource activities or teaching guides you have assembled in advance, the sub can lead the class successfully through a content-driven lesson in your absence.

Questions or comments? Let us know at, or by phone at 855-554-4483.

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