Book Buzz: Mystery Month!

May is not all sunshine and roses. While we typically associate this month with the excitement of graduations and the comfort of consistently warmer weather, the folks over at Booklist would like to remind us of the darker side of things by designating May as Mystery month. All throughout May, Booklist encourages librarians to highlight gritty, suspenseful, and mind-boggling stories of crime and suspicion in their collections. Not to be left out, we here at Brain Hive wanted to shine a light on some of our offerings in the mystery genre to help you as you promote genre reading in your schools.

Whether you’re looking for suspenseful, gritty crime thrillers, graphic novel reimaginings of Sherlock Holmes detective stories, or classic series mystery fiction like Gertrude Chandler Warner’s Boxcar Children books, Brain Hive boasts a large collection of mystery and detective stories. Here’s a sampling:

the art of secretswoollyhoodwinksBunker Diary

The Art of Secrets, by James Klise (Algonquin Books) – The community surrounding a Chicago school is rocked when the home of one of its students – a Pakistani-American girl named Saba Khan – is set on fire under deeply suspicious circumstances. Theories and whispered conspiracies about the cause of the fire abound, and readers must sort out the truth of the fire through an unconventional narrative comprised of journal entries, text messages, and newspaper articles.

The Woollyhoodwinks vs. The Dark Patch – by Asa Sanchez and Phil Dumesnil, illustrated by Jeff Root and Scott Runcorn (Immedium) – In a lighthearted mystery for younger audiences, read along as the Woollyhoodwinks (a handsewn cadre of creatures from the imaginations of authors Sanchez and Dumesnil) scramble to understand how and why a mysterious Dark Patch is managing to overtake their corner of the Black North Forest.

The Bunker Diary, by Kevin Brooks (Carolrhoda LAB) – Brooks has created a truly dark and deeply chilling (***probably not for young readers) story of a teenaged boy named Linus who, after being abducted by a mysterious stranger on the street, wakes up in a windowless underground bunker from which there appears to be no escape. Linus does not know who his captor is, nor the reason for his captivity. As other prisoners mysteriously begin to show up in the bunker with him, Linus faces the horrible truth: he has no way out.

Like what you see? Come on over to Brain Hive to explore more of our mystery offerings! And, as always, feel free to email us with questions at, or give us a call at 855-554-4483.

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