How To… Using the Highlighter, Bookmarks, and Notes on Brain Hive

Welcome to this week’s #TechTipThursday! With the Brain Hive eReader, you have the option to highlight passages, create bookmarks, and create notes. This week, we’ll show you how to create all three of them.


Open any eBook in the Brain Hive eReader. On the top bar, left-hand side, select the Highlighter icon to activate it.

highlighter screen 1

Holding down the left mouse button, move the mouse cursor over the text you wish to highlight and then let go of the mouse button. A prompt will then appear allowing you to Save Highlight.

highlighter screen 2

Repeat this process until you have all the passages highlighted that you wish and then select the highlighter icon from the top bar on the left hand side again to deactivate the highlighter.

To view all saved highlights in this title, select the highlighter icon on the bottom tool bar.  This will open and display all highlights in this title.

highlighter screen 3


Bookmarks within the Brain Hive eReader allow you to mark a page and leave a quick note at the same time to remind you why you bookmarked the page.

To begin, select the Bookmark icon from the top tool bar in the eReader, then choose the option to Create New Bookmark.

highlighter screen 4

On the window that comes up, you can bookmark and leave a comment on both pages (if you are using double page view). To bookmark only one of the pages, un-check the box on the one that you do not wish to bookmark. Select Save when you are done.

highlighter screen 5

If a page has a bookmark, you will see a red ribbon on the top of it as shown below.

highlighter screen 6

You can double-click this ribbon with your mouse to open the bookmark for this page.

To view a list of all bookmarks in the book you have open, select the bookmark icon on the bottom toolbar.

highlighter screen 7


With notes, you can mark pages in a book and type important information. To create a note, select the Notes icon on the top tool bar and select Create New Note.

highlighter screen 8

Your mouse cursor will now look like a note.  Position it where you would like the note to be and then press your left mouse button to open the text body.

highlighter screen 9

Type in the title and then the body of your note. Then select Save.

highlighter screen 10

Your note is now saved.  You can double-click the note icon on the page to open it up at any time.

Come back next Thursday for more #TechTipThursday tips and tricks. Sweet!

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