Recommending Titles to Students and Teachers on Brain Hive

There are times when you may want a student or educator to check out a certain title or you feel they may be interested in a certain title.  Brain Hive makes it easy to make these recommendations right from your account administrator or educator portal.

Start by selecting the cover image of any title.  When the title details page comes up, select the RECOMMEND option.

Recommending Titles 1

Once this is selected, scroll down to filter and selects what user accounts you would like to recommend this title to.

Recommending Titles 2

  1. FILTERS – Set the search criteria to find what user you wish to recommend this title to. You can type in the name in the User Name field, select their role (Educator or Student), and/or select their grade.  If you wish to see all students, leave these fields at their default values.  Select FILTER to populate the user list.
  2. Highlight the user you wish to recommend this title to from the list. You can hold down CTRL on your keyboard as you are selecting to select multiple users.
  3. Select ADD to put the selected user account names in the second box. If you select ADD ALL, it will put all of the users showing in the filter results on the left into the right side.
  4. RECOMMEND TO SELECTED USERS – Select this option to recommend this title to all users in the right side box.

When you have successfully recommended the title to the users, you will get a green success banner at the top of the title details page as shown below:

Recommending Titles 3


When you recommend a title, it will appear in the Recommended For You themed set on a user’s homepage.

  1. If the user is currently logged in, they will need to log out and then log back in for the title to show up.
  2. Titles in the Recommended For You themed set appear in alphabetical order so the student/educator may have to click through multiple titles to get to it on the Recommended For You themed set.

If you’d like more help with recommending titles to your students and teachers, please give our Concierge a buzz. (And if you’re curious what else our sweet Concierge can do for you, check out this blog post)!

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