Brain Hive in the Classroom: Money Smarts

Next week, April 18-25, is Money Smart Week, a week sponsored by numerous agencies across the country designed to raise awareness about issues of financial strategy and responsibility. Money Smart Week is geared to reach all demographics – from elementary school students to adult business owners. With the idea that it’s never too early to learn to be shrewd with one’s money, the organizers of Money Smart Week have gathered resources designed to help teachers engage students in conversations about how to understand and manage personal finances.

Here at Brain Hive, we decided it would be a good idea to participate in Money Smart Week by highlighting some of our eBooks that deal with issues of financial literacy, personal budgets, and responsible use of money. Our collection includes a wide selection of money-themed titles for all ages and reading abilities. Introduce currency denominations to your young students, discuss ways to earn money with kids in older elementary grades, or work with students in middle school and high school to help them learn how to budget and save the money that they earn. Here is a selection of Brain Hive’s financially-focused eBook offerings that will help you as you plan ways to integrate “Money Smart” content into your lesson planning next week.

Let's Sort Money Savings shock

With your younger students, check out Let’s Sort Money, by Lauren Coss (Cherry Lake), or Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock, by Sheila Bair, illustrated by Barry Gott (Albert Whitman & Co.) to introduce your students to basic financial concepts.

Get a job budget smarts

With older students thinking about how to earn and manage their own money, why not direct their attention to Get a Job Helping Others, by Ryan Jacobson (Lerner), or Budgeting Smarts: How to Set Goals, Save Money, Spend Wisely, and More, by Sandy Donovan (Twenty-First Century Books) to equip them with the skills they’ll need as they begin to become more financially independent.

Find these and many other financially-themed eBook titles today, available for just $1/checkout on Brain Hive (a very budget-friendly option)! Questions or comments? Let us know at or at 855-554-4483.

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