Managing Titles Using the Title Details Page

With over 9,000 titles and still growing, managing your Brain Hive library may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t.  Follow along…we’ll show you the basics of managing titles within your collections from the title details page.

To get to the title details page, select the cover image of any title.  You will get a pop-up on the page you are on that looks like this:

Managing Titles Using Title Details Page 1

The title details page for account administrators is where you can take actions on titles such as putting them in collections, putting them in book clubs, purchasing them, reviewing them, and other administrative functions.

Let’s take a closer look at the options you have here.

Managing Titles Using Title Details Page 2

  1. READ BOOK – Select this option to go right into our eReader to read this title. As the account administrator, you can use this button on any title without having to pay the per-checkout cost as long as you are signed into your administrator account.
  2. CHECK OUT – Use this option to check out the title and put it in your bookbag for later reading. NOTE: If you are using the Android eReader app, you must check out the title first or it will not show up on that app.
  3. WANT TO READ – Use this option to add the title to your book bag without checking it out.
  4. FINISHED – Marks the book as read in your bookbag. (this can be done to titles you have checked out and also titles that you do not have checked out)
  5. RECOMMEND – Allows you to recommend this title to select students or teachers in your school. When a title is recommended to them, they can find it in the Recommended For You themed set on their home page.
  6. BUY MULTI-USER VERSION – If the title is available for purchase, you can select this option to place the title in your shopping cart to see the price and purchase it.


Managing Titles Using Title Details Page 3

At the bottom of the title details screen, there is a section called actions that you can open for more administrative functions.

  1. eBook Status – Allows you to activate or deactivate the title for all your users.  If deactivated, the title will not be available for any user account except for the administrator account.
  2. eBook Collection – Allows you to add the title to a custom eBook Collection that you create.
  3. Book Club – Allows you to add the title to a Book Club that you create.
  4. Download – Selecting the COVER IMAGE option will allow you to download a zip file of the Brain Hive title cover images that you can use for promoting in your school and also with your catalog system.

Next week we will show you how to recommend titles to your students and educators!  See you then!

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