Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Home Page Layout on Brain Hive

By now you’ve probably noticed (we hope!) that you can customize your home page on Brain Hive using our featured theme sets or creating your own theme set. We previously showed you how to create themed sets to provide easy access to certain books for your students and educators. Now we’ll show you how to easily manage home page layouts so that you can choose what your users see when they sign in.

Managing Home Page Layouts:

Log in to your school’s Brain Hive account as the administrator then hover on Account and select Manage Home Page Layouts.managing home page layouts 1

There are 4 default layouts that we have preset for you to use.  If you would like to create your own, select the New Custom Layout button.

managing home page layouts 2

Type in a name for your layout and choose what user profile will use it.  If you would like all users in the profile to use it, put a check mark in the Make it as Default box.

At this point, you can drag and drop themed sets you wish to use for this profile.  The New Titles and Recommended For You sets must be included in your choices.  Student and Educator accounts can have a total of 4 themed sets in their layouts whereas you as the administrator can have 6.

managing home page layouts 3

Once you have arranged the themed sets in the order you would like them, select the Create New button at the bottom of the page to save the layout.

managing home page layouts 4

If a user is logged in when you change their layout, the new layout will display after they have logged out and logged back in.

That’s it! Simple and sweet, right? Still looking for more guidance, check out this video that one of our Busy Bees created for you or give us at buzz anytime at 855.554.HIVE.

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