Brain Hive News: A Whole New Way to Search!

It’s an exciting day here at Brain Hive! We’re launching a brand new search platform! Based on the feedback we’ve received from you, our users, we’ve been hard at work building tools that will provide you and your students with a more intuitive, easy-to-navigate search experience in Brain Hive. With these new tools, you can now control how search results are filtered, which allows you to quickly and easily find the best eBooks for your needs. Our Simple and Advanced Search tools of course remain at your disposal, allowing you to search eBooks by keyword, title, author, reading level, and other search criteria, but in addition to these tools, we have now built a second level of search parameters, which will allow you to customize your initial search results to a much finer degree of specificity.

We thought that the best way to tell you about these new search features would be to walk you through them here, on the blog, demonstrating how your search experience can be customized using our new tools.

Let’s say a 5th grade class is studying World War II. The class is well-prepared with solid informational texts about the historical facts of World War II, but each student in the class will also be expected to read and report on a fictional text dealing in some way with World War II. So why not create a theme set of World War II historical fiction to supplement this class’ studies? With our new search tools, this process is quick and easy. Rather than conducting multiple searches to find interesting and appropriate titles in different reading levels and genres, you can now conduct just one search and have the ability to filter your results in almost any way you want! Take a look:

  • Conduct a single search for books with “World War II” keywords, within a K-5 interest range. You are given more than 1300 results! Obviously that’s too many books. Time to filter. Just use the handy filtering tools just to the left of your search results.WWII Search 1
  • Filter your results to fit your needs here, in one easy step! In our scenario, cut down your list of 1300+ eBooks by filtering by classification, genre, interest and reading level, and subject. And bam! 1300 titles becomes 70 titles – in no time at all.WWII Search 2
  • From here, you can quickly and easily select a manageable number of eBooks to include in your theme set. Or, if you’d like, you can filter your results even further! If you’d like to cut down your list so that it only includes titles that fall within a specific Accelerated Reader, Lexile, or Scholastic Reading Counts range, just use the simple slider tools in the filter options to create your filtering range.WWII Search 3
  • And voila! Your search results have been quickly and efficiently narrowed down to fit your unique standards! You can now build your theme set confident that you have found the best, most appropriate titles to address your students’ unique reading needs.

This scenario covers the new search functionality for Account Administrator and Educator accounts only, but students also now have the ability to customize and control their searches more specifically, using similar filtering tools that we covered here. Students do not have as many filtering options as teachers (they will not be able to filter by AR, Lexile, or SRC levels, for example), but their search options have indeed been increased, alongside Account Administrators’ and Educators’.

We hope you enjoy your new search capabilities on Brain Hive! We’d love to hear your feedback, as well! Keep in touch with us at, or by calling us at 855-554-4483. Happy searching!

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