Women’s History Month Book Buzz: Political Activists

As March draws to a close, so does our spotlight on our featured Women’s History Month theme sets on your Brain Hive account homepages. This month, we have peered into books that document the lives of women across the world. We have highlighted the extraordinary characteristics and life experiences of women who have blazed trails in their fields: scientists, Nobel laureates, entertainers, artists, and authors. Today, we’ll turn our final Women’s History Month focus to two books from our theme sets that tell the stories of women who have stood up to demand political and social equality for women.

heart on fireIn Heart on Fire: Susan B. Anthony Votes for President, by Ann Malaspina and illustrated by Steve James (Albert Whitman & Co.), K-5 readers are given a glimpse into an important moment in the long history of the women’s suffrage movement in the United States. By casting her vote in the 1872 Presidential election, claiming that the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed her right to do so, Susan B. Anthony set off a firestorm of national controversy. Though she was ultimately brought to trial and convicted of unlawfully attempting to vote, her brave civil disobedience stood as an example for generations of writers, activists, and leaders who advocated for women’s suffrage.

Equal rights is our minimum demand

In Equal Rights is Our Minimum Demand, by Diana Childress (Twenty-First Century Books), 6-12 readers can read a comprehensive history of the Iranian women’s rights movement in the twentieth and twenty-first century. With attention paid to women’s roles in and reactions to important events in Iranian history – ranging from the conflict between Iran  Russia and Great Britain in the early twentieth century, to the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, to the “Green Movement” protests in 2009 – this book sheds important light on the determination and commitment displayed by generations of women committed to achieving gender equality in Iran.

We hope that you have had the chance to peruse Brain Hive’s Women’s History Month theme sets with your students, and that the titles you have found there helped to support conversation and study in your classrooms and your libraries that will continue even after March has ended. As April approaches, look for our upcoming Poetry Month theme sets, as well as additional Book Buzz about Earth Day, Math Awareness, and more! Keep in touch with us at concierge@brainhive.com, or give us a call at 855-554-4483. See you in April, and happy reading!

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