Women’s History Month Book Buzz: Women in STEM

This week, we’re highlighting some of the books included in Brain Hive’s Women’s History Month theme sets that celebrate the careers and accomplishments of women who have made pioneering strides in traditionally male-dominated STEM fields. With current discussions about shrinking the gender gap in science and tech jobs focusing on the need to provide girls with better, more accessible, and more engaging STEM education, we thought it would be appropriate to draw attention to some of Brain Hive’s eBooks that provide readers – both boys and girls! –  with engaging portraits of dynamic, interesting women who have creatively and determinedly carved out places for themselves in worlds that historically have not been open to them.

Ruchi SanghviIn our K-5 eBook theme set, we’re highlighting Computer Engineer: Ruchi Sanghvi, by Laura Waxman (Lerner). This eBook has been published as part of a larger series called “STEM Trailblazer Bios” (all of which are available for checkout on Brain Hive!) that profiles the lives and careers of some of today’s most innovative movers and shakers in tech. This particular title introduces readers to the impressive career of Ruchi Sanghvi, who led the development of Facebook’s News Feed – possibly the ubiquitous social networking platform’s most recognizable and revolutionary feature. Sanghvi’s accomplishments at Facebook are certainly praise-worthy, but it’s clear that Waxman is interested in emphasizing that Sanghvi’s determination and outside-the-box creativity that make her so interesting.

Girls Who Looked Under RocksIn our 6-12 eBook theme set, take a look at Girls Who Look Under Rocks: The Lives of Six Pioneering Naturalists, by Jeannine Atkins and illustrated by Paula Conner (Dawn Publications). A celebration of curiosity and playing in the dirt, Girls Who Look Under Rocks drives home the idea that inquisitiveness and wonder are as integral to the making of a successful scientist as hard work and training. Atkins has given her readers short biographies of six fascinating women. Some are familiar, like naturalist and conservationist Jane Goodall (who was also recently profiled in The New York Times Magazine) or environmental champion Rachel Carson, while others, like pioneering entomologist and educator Anna Comstock, may be new to readers. The women profiled in this book love what they do, and their joy in their individual processes of discovery serves as a healthy reminder to all readers to let our natural curiosities and interests drive our own endeavors, both scientific and otherwise.

We hope these books can help to fuel conversations in your libraries and classrooms with budding scientists of all ages. As always, these eBook titles are available (along with the many others we’ve assembled in our Women’s History Month theme sets) for $1 checkout on Brain Hive. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear them! Get in touch with Molly, our Concierge, via email at concierge@brainhive.com, or by phone at 855-554-4483.

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