NEW on Brain Hive…

When you came back from the holiday break, you may have noticed a few exciting changes on the Brain Hive digital platform. Let’s take a look at some of those changes:

Themed Sets – Themed sets are essentially mini collections that you put together that you can display on a user’s Brain Hive homepage for easy access to those titles.  This is the equivalent to the merchandising you see in the library or in a bookstore when setting up displays of physical books. They are a great tool for students, especially if you have a certain subject that your students are going to be looking into further such as space exploration, holidays, or even US history.

You can manage what themed sets your students see from the Manage Home Page Layouts under the Account tab.

Theme Set

Quick Search Bar – The quick search bar allows you to search for a title right from any page.  This is located on the top right hand corner of every page while signed into Brain Hive.

Quick Search

What Should I Read Next? – We’ve enhanced our “smart recommendations” on Brain Hive to help your students discover their next favorite read. On a student’s home page, this button is above the themed sets.  When it is selected, Brain Hive will suggest titles for that student to read based on a number of criteria around their reading habits and other activity on Brain Hive, such as their reading interests, grade level, what they’ve read in the past, what books they’ve “favorited”, how they’ve rated prior books read, and what their friends are reading.

Read Next

Title Details – The title details page now pops up on the screen when you click on a cover image versus having you go to a different page and lose where you were to start.  This helps improve usability and allows you to manage actions for the title from one location, which means you can start reading faster!


Those are the main changes to Brain Hive with our latest enhancement release!  As always, if you have any suggestions on how we can make things even better for you and your students, please give us a buzz or email

Watch for our next technical blog post where we will show you how to create and manage theme sets!

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