Purchasing Multi-User eBooks on Brain Hive

Did you know that Brain Hive is the only online book club that allows you to buy or borrow eBooks for your school?

Of course you know about our unique on-demand model which allows a student or teacher to checkout an eBook from our large library of titles for just $1 per 14-day checkout. (At least we hope so!) This is a great option for independent reading, book clubs, supplementing your library’s digital collection, and supporting real-time classroom instruction. But, if you’re looking to add eBooks permanently to your digital collection to support curriculum programs, 1:1 programs, and blended learning, Brain Hive makes it easy and affordable to add these titles for unlimited simultaneous use in your school. If there are titles that you wish to purchase, watch this quick how-to video or follow these instructions from the Account Administrator home page to do so.

From the title details page, select Add to Cart from the footer bar and then choose Multi-user Version. If the title is available for purchase, you will get a green success banner at the top of your screen and a blue Cart icon will show up along your top row of icons as pictured.

Purchasing eBooks1

If the title is not available for purchase, you will get a popup similar to the one here stating this.

Purchasing eBooks2

Once the title is in your cart, select the Cart icon to go to that page.  On your cart page, you will see the titles in your cart, the list price, and the final price.  As a Brain Hive member, you get a 25% discount off the list price so this will also be reflected.

If you want to remove a book from your cart, select the red X icon in front of the name.

To complete the purchase, select the blue Check Out button at the bottom of the page.

Purchasing eBooks3

The next pages will go over your purchase check out information.

Change the billing information on page one if it is not correct.

Purchasing eBooks4

Choose your payment method on page two.  If you are using a purchase order for payment, ensure the correct information is displayed.  If you have funds that you have prepaid to Brain Hive, you can select to use those here as well.

Purchasing eBooks5

On page 3, review the order details to ensure they are correct then select Place Order.

Purchasing eBooks6

After this, the purchase is complete and the title will no longer charge you any checkout fees.

And, as always, we’re here to help you through every step of the way. If you’d like assistance, please buzz Molly, our new concierge at concierge@brainhive.com or at 855-554-HIVE. Happy reading!

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