Using the Brain Hive iOS app is easy and fun for your students!

You’ve got the devices; your kids have the smart phones. But do you know how to get started reading Brain Hive eBooks on those iPads and iPhones? Here’s all you need to know!

Getting Started:

Download and install the free Brain Hive iOS app from the Apple iTunes App Store.  This can be downloaded through the iTunes software on a computer or directly to a device using the App Store app.

When you first launch the Brain Hive app, you will get a reminder that you must have internet connection to connect to the app.  Tap ok on this to get to the sign in page.

The sign in page has fields for your Account Number, Username, and Password.

The account number is found in your schools custom URL.  It will be the long string of numbers within it.  Here is an example of the account number highlighted:


Put the account number in and then enter your Username and Password.  Tab Submit to login.

iPad log in screen

Book Bag Navigation:

Once you are logged in, the app will take you to your book bag.  In here, you will see all of the titles that you currently have checked out.  If the account you are on has no titles checked out, it will be blank.

If you do have titles already on this page, you will need to load them onto your device.  To do this, tap on the blue Download icon.  Only one book can download at once so if you go to download multiple titles, the others that are not currently downloading will say Waiting.

iPad screen 2

Searching for and checking out a title:

If you would like to search for a title, tap on the Search Library icon at the bottom of the screen and that will bring up the search fields.

iPad screen 3

Type in the keyword of your search and filter using the other criteria then tap Search.
On the next page, you will see a list of titles that match the criteria you searched for.

iPad screen 4

If you find a title that you wish to Check Out, tap the icon to do so.  Checked out titles will not open automatically, so you will have to tap the back icon on the top left corner to get back to your book bag.

Reading books:

From your book bag screen, tap the gold Read icon for the title you wish to read.  This will open the eReader.

iPad Screen 5

In the eReader, you can swipe your finger from side to side to flip through the pages.  The controls at the top also allow you to change from double page view to single page view, bookmark pages, and search through the title.

Getting additional information on a title and checking it in:

You can view additional information on a title and check it in from the title info page.  From your book bag, tap on the Info icon of a title.  From here, you can also delete the book which removes it from your device but it will still be checked out and accessible from the book bag page to download again.

iPad screen 6

Now your students and teachers will be all set to use those iPads and iPhones for great reading. Sweet!

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