Easily create your students’ Brain Hive user accounts with the User Importer

Creating new user accounts for your students can be cumbersome if you have to do it one by one.  Brain Hive offers a fast, simple alternative!

With the Brain Hive User Uploader, you can create up to 9,999 student and educator accounts at once!

Getting Started:
The first thing you want to do before using the User Uploader is to download the Import Instructions and Sample File.  You can find these by signing into your Brain Hive school account as the Account Administrator.  Once you are logged in, hover over Users in the top navigation and select User Importer.

Import Users

Import Instructions File
The import instructions file gives you the requirements for each field required to create a new user account. Most of the fields are required for both Student and Educator accounts, but some (such as grade) are only required for a Student, whereas others (email address) are only required for Educators. Using this file while you are preparing your import file will help prevent errors when uploading.

Sample File
The Sample File will show you how your spreadsheet needs to be setup.  The Sample File lists all 9 columns in the order that they need to be on the spreadsheet and gives the correct header name for each.  All 9 columns must be included on the sheet even if there is no data in them.

Sample File

Putting together your upload spreadsheet
Once you have the required data for your new Student and Educator accounts, copy it into the correct columns in the Sample File and Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file (if you are on a Mac, you will need to save in the Windows CSV format).

While signed into your Brain Hive school as the Account Administator, hover on Users and select User Importer.

Choose the Select a file button and then navigate to the import file you previously saved on your computer and select it.  Once you see your file name in the select a file field, clickContinue with Import.

Select a file

If there are any errors in your spreadsheet, you will get a screen like what is shown below.  This will not only tell you how many errors are on your spreadsheet, it will allow you to download an error log file that will tell you exactly what errors there are and what line they are on so you can quickly fix the data and proceed.

Error Log

If there are no errors, you will see the details for the accounts you are about to create.  Select Finish & Upload Users to complete the import.


Once the users are uploaded successfully, Brain Hive will take you to a page where you can see the upload file details such as the start and end time for the upload and the status of completed.

For additional help with the User Uploader or if you have questions, please give us a buzz at
1-855-554-HIVE (4483) or email help@brainhive.com.

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