Creating a Desktop Shortcut to Your Brain Hive Account

Our customers often ask how they can create quick desktop shortcut to get to their school’s Brain Hive account log-in page. So, we asked our Worker Bee Sam to provide some tips.

Voila! Accessing your schools Brain Hive account can be quick and easy using desktop shortcuts!

First, go to your school’s Brain Hive login page and copy the URL at the top of your web browser.


On your desktop, right click with your mouse, hover on New, then select Shortcut.

Create Shortcut

When the Create Shortcut screen comes up, paste your school’s Brain Hive school URL into the location field then select Next.

Create Shortcut 2

Type in a name for your shortcut (i.e. your schools name) and then select Finish.

Create Shortcut 3

Your new desktop icon is complete!  Now your students and teachers can get right to your Brain Hive account by double clicking the icon!

Create Shortcut 4

We’ve also created this quick video for additional step-by-step help.

Happy Reading!!

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