Set Up Basics: eBook Settings

Welcome back to set up basics on Brian Hive! There are three things you need to set before your students will be able to check out eBooks on Brain Hive:

  1. Account Budget
  2. eBook Settings
  3. Add users

Let’s look at your eBook Settings. (Check out the previous post on Account Budget Settings and stay tuned for Adding Users!)

eBook Settings

Log in to your Brian Hive account and hover over the Account tab. Then click eBook Settings. The first section you will see is eBook Collections. Select the collection(s) you want your students to have access to. As the account admin, you will always be able to see all of the collections available on Brian Hive. But your students will only see what you give them access to.

(Occasionally, you will find a title you want select students to see that is not in the collection you chose. For example, you may want your 5th graders to be able to see some of the books in the middle school collection. Or you may have a high school English Language Learner that needs eBooks at a much lower reading level. You can easily add titles for only select students! Just contact us at or 855-554-4483, and we’ll be happy to show you how. Or keep following for a future post!)

Once you’ve picked your collection(s), move on to this section:

eBook settings

Personalize these settings for what works best for your school. Click the blue link if you want to personalize settings at the grade level. (e.g., Kindergartners may check out 1 eBook at a time, but fifth graders may check out 3.)

Leave the answer to the question below as No. This only applies to school breaks.


Choose your Default Citation Style. If you use AR, enter your Renaissance Place account info so students can access AR quizzes directly from Brain Hive.

Don’t forget to Save Changes! You’re set! If you need any help with your Brain Hive account, contact us at or 855-554-4483. Next up—adding users.

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