Get Your Teachers Excited about Brain Hive


Brain Hive is an easy and affordable way to give your students the books they love on the devices they can’t live without. It is also great for teachers. So how can you get your teachers using and excited about Brain Hive?

Make it Easy
First, make it easy for teachers to get to Brain Hive. Send an email with the school’s Brain Hive URL. Create a shortcut on every computer. Add Brain Hive to browser bookmarks. Make sure your teachers have their usernames and passwords. Conduct a workshop to show them how to use Brain Hive. Then give them this step-by-step guide . The easier it is for them, the more they’ll use it!

How to Use Brain Hive in the Classroom
There are so many ways teachers can use Brain Hive in their classroom. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Use an eBook for a shared reading on the class whiteboard.
  • All of our eBooks are multi-user, so you can use a Brain Hive eBook as a class set of books.
  • Student literacy circles can use eBooks on devices.
  • Create a book list or book club based on a topic students are studying or researching.
  • Teach lessons using the eBook reader such as note-taking, searching, and using the highlighter to focus on tone, rhyming, and literary elements.

Common Core Standards
Brain Hive helps meet the Common Core State Standards. The Common Core stresses a movement to reading more nonfiction. Brain Hive is an economical way to add thousands of nonfiction titles to your collection. You will have more opportunities to create text sets and show features of nonfiction to classes with more nonfiction on Brain Hive.

eBooks also create digital reading stamina in your students which is necessary for assessments these days. Students perform better on digital assessments when they have lots of practice reading digitally. The more reading they do on Brain Hive, the better prepared they will be!

No Distractions
Some teachers are concerned that the distractions—like animation and links to websites—in interactive eBooks can reduce comprehension. Brain Hive eBooks do not have links to videos, websites, games, or other distracting info.

What are your ideas for using eBooks in the classroom? We’d love to hear them at!

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